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Since 2012, Hits 4 Heroes has had the privelege of working for, and with, some of the most dedicated members of our community. These veterans have sacrificed their minds and bodies in service of this country, and it is our duty and honor to show our gratitude for their sacrifices. Read below to learn more about who we've helped throughout the years.

Cpl. David Bixler

United States Army, 2016 Recipient

Cpl Bixler was deployed in the summer of 2010 with the 1st Battalion, 
320th Field Artillery, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division 
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. As a team leader, Cpl Bixler 
was responsible for the lives of 3 people, to include three Afghan National 
Army (ANA) soldiers. After being engaged with enemy fire one of David’s 
ANA soldiers separated from the team. As Cpl Bixler went to pull the ANA 
soldier to safety he himself stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) 
causing it to detonate. Cpl Bixler would suffer severe injuries including the 
loss of both of his legs as a result of the blast. Because of his quick action 
the ANA soldier and his platoon suffered only minor injuries. In addition to 
being awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, Cpl Bixler had the honor of 
being named the 2011 USO Soldier of the Year.


Corporal Bixler works for a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
and is currently living in Waldorf, MD. Making Southern Maryland his 
home with his beautiful daughter Elaine, and his girlfriend of 2 years 
Ashely who is currently going to school to become a certified caregiver 
so she can provide the best care for David.


Cpl. jessie blanton

United States Marine Corps, 2015 Recipient

Corporal Blanton achieved his life goal of becoming a Department of Defense Firefighter, serving in an elite unit that was prepared to respond to any credible chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear explosive high-yield event. In 2010, Corporal Blanton was deployed to Afghanistan.


Over the course of his firefighting and rescue duties, Corporal Blanton suffered multiple injuries including second degree burns, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), significant hearing loss, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His dedication to his fellow soldiers resulted in being awarded the Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his actions.


After returning home, Corporal Blanton faced the challenges of not only his physical recovery, but also his ongoing battle with PTSD. Jessie is making strides with his many therapies and treatments, with the goal of returning to normalcy.


Corporal Blanton and his wife Lindsay make their home in California, Maryland.

Cpl. sean adams

United States Marine Corps, 2014 Recipient

Corporal Adams was deployed to Afganistan on January 12, 2012. During this tour of duty, Sean was the point-man on many missions. It was on one of these missions that he stepped on a buried IED. On February 14 2012, Sean arrived at Walter Reed National Naval Hostpital in Bethesda, MD with extensive injuries, including the loss of both legs, right 5th digit, left thumb, and shrapnel damage to his left eye.


While recovering in Bethesda, Sean was embraced by St. Mary's County and continues to call Hollywood his 'Home Away From Home'. In 2014, Hits 4 Heroes had the privelege to fund raise for this hero, breaking all previous records, goals, and hopes by raising over $35,000 for Cpl Adams.

spc 4 jeffrey shonk

United States Army, 2013 Recipient

In 2010, Jeffrey Shonk was attached to the 3rd Infantry Division in Fallujah, Iraq, working as a Signal Systems Specialist when he suffered injuries to his head and leg in a shooting incident.


Hits 4 Heroes was honored to give over $15,000 in raised funds to Jeffrey, as well as the same amount to PFC De'Shawn Kittrell, through multiple fundraising efforts throughout the summer of 2013.

pfc de'shawn kittrel

United States Army, 2013 Recipient

Also in 2012, De'Shawn Kittrell was 19 years old and serving in Khenjakak, Afghanistan. In September of that year,   De'Shawn was leading a patrol, sweeping for IED's down an alley, when he stepped on a pressure plate connected to a buried IED and lost his lower right leg in the ensuing explosion. 


In 2013 Hits 4 Heroes led fundraising efforts for two local wounded combat veterans: PFC Kittrell, and SPC 4 Jeffrey Shonk. Holding several events throughout the summer allowed our organization to raise over $30,000 and give over $15,000 to both De'Shawn and Jeffrey.


De'Shawn is a graduate of Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County.

United States Marine Corps, 2012 Recipient

lcpl. caleb getscher

In early 2012, Hits 4 Heroes was born out of the desire to give back to a member of our community who had recently been injured in the line of duty. Two of our founding members decided to organize a two-day wooden bat softball tournament with a goal of raising $5,000 to give to LCpl. Caleb Getscher and his family. With little more than a couple months to prepare, Hits 4 Heroes was able to organize and raise over $11,000 through generous donations from local businesses and citizens, blowing away any and all expectations of success.


In June of 2011, Caleb was serving in Afghanistan. It was on this tour that Caleb stepped on an IED while on a routine patrol with fellow Marines. In order to save his life from the infection that was spreading in his affected limbs, Caleb's left arm below the elbow, and both of his legs were amputated.


Caleb hails from Chaptico, MD, and still lives in St. Mary's county with his wife, Emily, and daughter, Camily. 


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